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Access the start-up asset class with a diversified, vetted group of seed-stage companies innovating in AI to climate tech from recent Y Combinator batches.

*For Accredited investors only

Note this portfolio was put together by Attack Capital and allocations granted by the individual companies, and is not sponsored by or endorsed by Y Combinator. “Y Combinator” is a registered trademark of Y Combinator, LLC.

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Management fee

Your entire capital is invested without any deductions for fund filing & management charges.


Carried interest

We take 20% out of the profits you make after we return your entire invested capital.


Min. investment

Access investment opportunities only available to the top 1% by network & net worth.


What our investors are saying

Cory Hill

Attack Capital, a YC-backed startup, gives me access to a portfolio of YC deals that otherwise would not have been available through my network

— Cory Hill, Ex Engineer at Facebook

Varun Villait

The Attack Capital team made it incredibly easy for me to add venture to my portfolio. The entire process, from expressing interest to wiring funds, has been first class. I had a chance to speak with Kaushik (GP) and loved his vision for the Demo Day fund.

— Varun Villait, CPO at People data labs

* Unpaid testimonials (they just love us that much)


Twice a year, Y Combinator makes small investments into a number of early-stage startups. Selected startups participate in the 3-month program to grow their metrics and refine their pitch. At the end of each cycle, the teams present their companies on Demo Day.


YC presents their companies to a carefully selected, invite-only audience of 1500 top investors. Attack Capital’s Access Fund gives you access to select Y Combinator companies.


aggregate portfolio value


companies worth $150M+


companies worth $1B+



Co-invest with the best venture capitalists & family offices.


Our Portfolio Highlights

Our investment criteria screens for the top startups in every YC batch focusing on founder-market fit, deep technical experience, past startup successes, emerging markets. We have co-invested with some of the top names in early stage venture including Pioneer Fund, SV Angel, Soma Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Rebel Fund and others.

Read about some of our investments below.


Our investors

Y Combinator

The #1 startup investor by unicorns funded

Slow ventures

Valley based fund led by past executives of


Germany based fund led by the billionaire Oliver Samwer.

Soma Capital

Fund led by the owners of Sacramento Kings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Attack Capital Demo Day Fund work?

Your investment is invested in companies in recent Y Combinator batches.

Is the Demo Day Access Fund associated with YC?

The fund has no official relationship with YC.

How many investments will the fund make?

The fund plans to invest in roughly 15 to 20 companies. However, this is just an estimate and the actual number of investments may vary.

What terms does the Access fund typically invest on?

Most YC companies raise via SAFEs. There may be many exceptions where the funds acquire different securities on different terms.

What is the carry?

The Access fund has a net carry of 20%.

When are the capital calls?

You invest your full amount upfront. There are no subsequent capital calls.

Can I sell my stake in the funds and get out early?

Startup investments are highly risky and illiquid. You should be prepared to lose your entire investment, and any gains are likely to be realized eight or more years following your investment.

What updates can we expect from the Access fund?

Each fund will update investors on the overall status of its portfolio at least once per year. These updates are not expected to include financial or other information about portfolio companies. You should not expect updates directly from portfolio companies.



Co-invest with the best venture capitalists & family offices.


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